Three-Dimensional Thermohydrodynamic Analysis of Journal Bearing Lubricated by Magnetic Fluids with Couple Stresses


  • Ruaa Braz Dahham Ministry of Education – Najaf Education Directorate – School Building Division – Najaf – Iraq.
  • Noora A. Hashim University of Kufa – Mechanical Engineering Department – Najaf – Iraq.
  • Fatima Mohammed K. Al-Fatlwe Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University – Engineering Technical College – Najaf – Iraq.


Coupled stress, Magnetic fluids, Load currying capacity


Couple stresses because of magnetic particles additives on the lubrication performance of a journal bearing system was embraced and scrutinized in the current examinations theoretically. The governing equations of Reynolds (pressure field), energy (temperature field), and heat conduction (temperature field through the solids) are coupled and solved instantaneously in term of temperature and viscosity. After these set of equation pressure is obtained, it is used to obtain the bearing characteristic. It was found that the load currying capacity and maximum pressure are increased due the employing of magnetic fluids along with the couple stresses, as well as side leakage flow and the friction coefficient are decreased. It can be also concluded that the magnetic fluids with couple stresses are better lubricant than magnetic fluid only, Newtonian fluids, and couple stress fluid = 0.



2023-02-09 — Updated on 2023-02-13




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