Corrections and Retractions Policy

JATM is participating in the Crossmark service and have committed to maintaining version of record copies of content that display the Crossmark button. Additions, Corrections, and Retractions may be used to address important issues or correct errors and omissions of consequence that arise after publication of an article. Articles that contain seriously flawed or erroneous data such that their findings and conclusions cannot be relied upon may be retracted in order to correct the scientific record. Additions, Corrections, and Retractions may be requested by the author(s) or initiated by the Editor after discussions with the corresponding author. Readers who detect errors of consequence in the work of others should contact the corresponding author of that work. All Additions, Corrections, and Retractions are subject to approval by the Editor, and minor corrections and additions will not be published. The corresponding author should obtain approval from all of the article coauthors prior to submitting an Additions, Corrections, and Retractions or provide evidence that such approval has been solicited. Additions, Corrections, and Retractions will containing information about the original article title, author list, and the reason for the retraction. The originally published article will remain on the web except in extraordinary circumstances.