Formation of a Regionally Oriented Structure and Number of the Airline’s Helicopter Fleet Based on Consumer Preferences of Customers



Airline, Aerial work, Helicopter fleet, Promising type, Market requirements


The aim of the work is to develop conceptual directions for the structure formation and the number of airline’s fleet based on satisfying consumer preferences of enterprises-customers of helicopter operations. The helicopters currently in operation cannot fully satisfy the requirements of customers in terms of their flight technical and economic characteristics, which leads to a decrease in their use and it negatively affects the economy of the airline and corresponding economic region. There is a real need to update and expand the type and fleet of Russian-made helicopters, which will better meet the requirements of the helicopter operations market. To solve it, a helicopter manufacturing enterprise needs to carefully study the market requirements for existing and new types of helicopters, its volumes, formation trends, prices, operating costs, service systems, etc. The work presents a model that makes it possible to formulate for each airline the need for helicopters of various types and specializations for each year of the forecasting period has been developed, depending on the dynamics of changes in the level of socio-economic development of the region and the corresponding changes in the airline’s flight operations, considering the effective demand. It also makes it possible to predict promising types and helicopter fleet.






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