Multi-Objective Mission Planning for Multi-Payload Satellite Constellation via Non-Dominated Sorting Carnivorous Plant Algorithm



This study investigates the issue of multi-objective mission planning for multi-payload satellite constellations via the nondominated sorting carnivorous plant algorithm (NSCPA). Observation time windows are generated, and a constraint satisfaction model is established based on multiple regional targets, satellite orbits, and characteristics of the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) payload and optical payload. A task conflict detection and resolution method is proposed to handle the task assignment among multiple satellites. Based on the existing single objective-based CPAs, a modified multi-objective NSCPA is first developed for multi-objective planning optimization using the non-dominated sorting algorithm. The effectiveness and superiority of the NSCPA are verified by a series of simulation experiments and comparisons with the traditional non-dominated sorting genetic algorithms-II (NSGA-II) and particle swarm optimization (PSO).






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