Fuzzy Modeling of Annoyance Caused by Aircraft Noise Using LAeqD and LAeqN MetricsD and LAeqN metrics


  • Tarcilene Heleno UFRJ
  • Jules Ghislain Slama UFRJ


Fuzzy logic systems, annoyance, metrics, aircraft noise.



Airport noise presents a major environmental impact arising from aircrafts airport activities, being one of the most complex and difficult mitigation problems. From the environmental point of view, airports cause serious problems to the population. Annoyance caused by noise was evaluated from the Day-Night Level (DNL) metrics proposed by Schultz. However, acoustic comfort is assessed separately during the day and at night, because the noise adverse effects are different. In this context, this paper presents a study on sound impact assessment related to noise annoyance caused by aircraft and aims to establish a method to analyze the sound impact on inhabited communities that are in the vicinity of airports. Besides, it proposes reviews available in literature and discusses noise annoyance exposure caused by transportation systems in an evolutive context. The study was based on criteria of evaluation levels panned for comfort of the community according to the Brazilian Standard ABNT/ NBR 10151. Therefore, a fuzzy logic system was developed in order to establish a relationship between the percentage of people highly annoyed by adverse noise effects around the airport, Day Equivalent Sound Level (LAeqD) and Night Equivalent Sound Level (LAeqN) metric descriptors.






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