Structure Synthesis and Optimization of Feed Support Mechanisms for a Deployable Parabolic Antenna


  • Xiaoke Song Harbin institute of technology
  • Hongwei Guo Harbin institute of technology
  • Rongqiang Liu Harbin institute of technology
  • Zongquan Deng Harbin institute of technology


Feed support mechanism, Deployable mechanism, Structure synthesis, Deployment ratio, Parallel mechanism, Screw theory


In this paper, a systematic method to synthesize parallel mechanisms for feed support mechanisms based on screw theory is proposed. First, the motion requirement of the feed support mechanism is studied. Then, a class of parallel mechanisms having a translational motion with different degrees of freedom is synthesized based on the constraint-synthesis method. Then, these parallel mechanisms are modified based on the specificities of deployable mechanisms, and two kinds of mechanisms are selected as the unit for the feed support mechanism. Finally, the deployment ratio of two kinds of mechanisms is optimized. The configurations obtained in this paper can enrich the types of feed support mechanisms.






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