A Statistical Dynamic Model for the Turbulent Transport of Kinetic Energy in Shear Layers


  • José Ricardo Figueiredo


Turbulent transport, Turbulent kinetic energy, Shear layers, Gradient models, Non gradient models, Statistical dynamic equation


Dynamic statistical equations for the turbulent fluxes of scalars and momentum in incompressible flows are derived after time wise integration of the equation for the oscillating transported property, decomposing the turbulent fluxes in terms representing distinct features of the main and fluctuating flow that influence the respective turbulent transport. These expressions provide a means for discussing the gradient diffusion hypothesis for the turbulent transport, for reconsidering the mixed length model in entirely continuous terms, and for seeking possible alternatives or corrections. Applying this methodology to the turbulent transport flux of kinetic energy, two dominating terms are found: one identified with a kinetic energy gradient model for shear layers; the other related to the main velocity gradient. Accordingly, a composed, Statistical Dynamic model is proposed for the turbulent transport of kinetic energy in shear layers, adding a velocity derivative term to Daly and Harlow’s generalized gradient model. This velocity derivative term is calibrated in a nearly homogeneous turbulent shear flow, and the resulting Statistical Dynamic model is proved superior to Daly and Harlow’s and other gradient models in channel and boundary layer flows.






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